5 Great Ways to Motivate and Reward Employees

I know when you’ve worked hard to build a great team, you want to reward them for a job well done. Just like anyone else, your employees will likely enjoy a little cash bonus or other monetary gift – like a gift card – but don’t assume that money is the best way to reward or motivate your team.

The Harvard Business Review published a study last year that found that there’s not much connection between salary and job satisfaction. I’m sure no one would turn down a monetary reward or bonus – but that’s probably not the best way to get them to want to meet company goals or go above and beyond.

As a service business owner, I know you rely on your employees to help you take your business to the next level so you can create wealth and freedom and achieve market domination. So how do you motivate them? Here are five ideas:

  1. Offer extra training: People naturally want to be mentally stimulated and challenged. Help your employees learn new techniques and skills – and if they master a particular skill, let them help teach the next group.
  2. Appreciate them: A “Thank You” goes a long way. You can do it privately in person or via email, or make a comment during a team meeting. Consider offering awards – and displaying them on a wall in your building.
  3. Give them responsibility: Empower your employees to make decisions and choices – and give them the room to make mistakes, and learn from them, along the way. Ultimately, you’ll find they learn great solutions to common problems.
  4. Let them have fun: Boost team morale and camaraderie. Let employees work together and get to know each other – if they develop an emotional connection with each other, and with you, they’ll enjoy coming to work each day.
  5. Let them advance: Along with ongoing training, most people will feel more stimulated in a job if they know there’s room for growth. Do you know what your employees’ personal and professional goals are? Talk to them about it and then help them find ways to reach those goals.

With ServiceKey, I can teach you many of these techniques. You won’t believe what your company can achieve when you have an incredible team standing behind you. Contact me today to find out how I can help you!

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Ninja”
Founder of the $23 Million Dollar Service Blueprint and Service Warrior Business Mastermind


Written by Mike J. Agugliaro

Mike J. Agugliaro

A nationally recognized business expert and unconventional entrepreneur, Mike Agugliaro is the visionary founder of two successful businesses, Gold Medal Service and ServiceKey. With over two decades of experience in business development and mentoring, Mike’s commitment to excellence and innovation has resulted in tremendous business success. Learn More about Mike HERE


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